Overview of employee aspects

Human capital lies at the core of the value of the Company and the entire PGNiG Group. Human capital is what makes it possible to deliver the Group’s strategy. This assumption underlies the Company’s HR strategy. Employees are the main resource and their knowledge, skills, performance and commitment support the organisation’s development and competitive position on both domestic and foreign markets.

Proper application of employee skills and competencies allows the organisation to offer products that meet customer expectations and to ensure Poland’s energy security. Employee commitment to ensuring the growth of the PGNiG Group guarantees delivery of strategic plans and achievement of ambitious goals that contribute to building stable market leadership.

A strong and recognisable brand is capable of attracting specialists and qualified professionals ready to work as a team to leverage their potential and contribute to its growth. The PGNiG Group makes every effort to ensure that its employee relations are based on mutual trust and transparency. These efforts are aimed at building mutual and fair employer-employee relationships which ultimately help to eliminate potential disputes and contribute to building an efficient organisation. This is reflected in the Group’s CSR Strategy, which contributes to building a culture of employee engagement in the organisation’s operations and growth. The human resources management style adopted by the PGNiG Group has the important aspect of giving employees the ability to co-create the workplace, influence the organisational culture and take their own initiative.

The Group’s organisational culture is to support the development of a modern organisation. This is why the Group focuses on efficient information flow and knowledge sharing between employees. Employees are informed of key events and initiatives implemented within the PGNiG Group. The most widely used employee communication channel is the Głos Grupy magazine for employees, which is a source of information on projects and undertakings implemented across the Group. The magazine also serves to integrate employees by publishing information about their passions and interests. Daily communication takes place through the individual companies’ intranets which publish news and internal communications on an ongoing basis.

An important factor influencing performance is employee engagement and personal fulfilment opportunities. Therefore, PGNiG makes sure that its employees participate in exciting and innovative projects. As the PGNiG Group considers proactive behaviour and loyalty of its employees to be a source of competitive advantage, it strives to create a friendly workplace environment that meets employee expectations. A positive atmosphere at work makes employees feel appreciated, respected and capable of fully realising their professional potential. It should be stressed that this would not be possible if the adopted rules governing the employer-employee relationship were not observed. The key aspects facilitating strong relations within the organisation are remuneration and incentivisation.

The PGNiG Group was included by Forbes in a ranking of World’s Best Employers as one of only two Polish companies. The ranking was compiled by surveying 150,000 persons from 58 countries, working for multinational companies and institutions.

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