Actions for the benefit of society

The PGNiG Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is multifaceted and pursued on many levels. The Group acts to deliver tangible and intangible benefits to the public, supporting vital areas of social life.

One of the largest companies assigned the task of ensuring energy security for the nation, the Group engages in activities that are aligned with its core business. Numerous investment projects are carried out every year that rely on innovative solutions to achieve faster and more sustainable outcomes. These include various infrastructure projects helping to ensure equal access to gas for all.

In addition to projects designed to meet the basic needs of society, the Group contributes to social growth through its nationwide nonbusiness initiatives Designed to improve the intellectual quality of life and support the satisfaction of higher-order needs. They include initiatives aimed at cultivating and fostering national traditions, building cultural awareness and national identity. The Group contributes to shaping moral values and life passions in society. Its projects in the fields of culture, sports and science contribute to the development of younger generations that will be responsible for social and economic decision making in the future. With this front of mind, PGNiG engages in projects commemorating historical and patriotic events, supporting refurbishments and extensions of museum facilities. Other important projects helping to cultivate and promote equal access to cultural heritage is sponsorship of the Polish Television Theatre and other similar projects. PGNiG also supports sport events that bring Polish people together and foster personal development by promoting values such as responsibility, determination and perseverance.

In 2021, CSR activities also included support in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, long-term projects were also continued. The Group’s impact on local communities is driven by its charitable initiatives, carried out mainly through the PGNiG Ignacy Łukasiewicz Foundation. Last year, the Foundation’s mission was to support projects designed to preserve and develop national heritage and culture and promote knowledge and education in the field of fundamental and technical sciences and sports. The Foundation also seeks to promote the history of Poland, build national identity and commemorate Polish heroes.

The Foundation’s activity is based on cooperation with programme partners and implementation of its own projects, which helps it effectively use its potential and reach those who most need support, irrespective of where they are in Poland.

The key projects run by the Foundation in 2021 that benefitted the general public were:

under which PGNiG OD, in partnership with the PGNiG Foundation, offers tangible support for veterans who fought for a free Poland by co-financing their gas bills with an amount of up to PLN 900 per year. The project originated in 2016 at the PGNiG Group as a tribute to Warsaw Uprising veterans. In 2018, it was extended to include miners who went on strike at the Wujek coal mine, and in 2020 the application process was made available to veterans of the 1939 Defensive War. In 2021, the programme covered more than 1,100 veterans. The programme won the Złoty BohaterON award in 2019 and the Guardian of Memory award in 2016.

Partners of the programme are the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression and the Silesian Centre for Freedom and Solidarity.

end of the 5th edition and start of the 6th edition. An educational programme involving a competition for primary schools, which can compete for the title of the Ignacy School of Science and win attractive prizes. More than 2,500 science clubs from primary schools enrolled in the fifth edition of the programme, and more than 760 competition entries were made. September 2021 saw the launch of the 6th edition of the programme, under the slogan the ‘Mysterious Disappearance of Ignacy’. By December 31st 2021, nearly two and a half thousand science clubs enrolled in the programme, and nearly 140 competition entries were made.

in September 2021 the Foundation launched a new educational programme called ‘Big Little Discoverers’. This initiative is dedicated to pre-schools from all over Poland. The programme aims to promote education by encouraging children to learn science through games, fun and practical experiments. The programme is intended to spark children’s interest in science and encourage children explore the world around them. Nearly 800 pre-schools enrolled in the first edition of the programme (pilot edition).

a programme dedicated to high schools, aimed at promoting environmental protection and education, and in particular fostering environmental awareness and responsibility among students. At the beginning of 2021, the first edition of the programme was launched. Participants sent their entries in two categories: individual or team projects. In the first edition of the programme, funding for environmental projects was granted to five schools. 260 school teams were enrolled in the first edition of the programme, with nearly 1,750 entries of individual projects. In late November and early December 2021, the second edition of the ECOactive programme was launched.

An important initiative was also a financial donation made to the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry Foundation in Bóbrka to support its activities. Being one of its main sponsors, PGNiG supports the cradle of the oil industry − the oldest operating petroleum production site, as well as the heritage of the magnificent Polish inventor and philanthropist Ignacy Łukasiewicz.

Other CSR activities:

PGNiG Group employees have been regularly involved in blood donation drives for many years, in cooperation with Regional Blood Donation Centres. Blood donation campaigns are organised a few times a year at the PGNiG Head Office in spring and autumn. In each such campaign, blood is donated by approximately 30 volunteers. In addition, each year around St. Barbara’s Day (December 4th) blood donation drives are organised in front of the building of the Zielona Góra Branch. The 2021 drive was organised by PGNiG Zielona Góra Branch, with Exalo, Zielona Góra Regional Branch of the Polish Red Cross, PCK Nafta Club of Polish Red Cross Honorary Blood Donors, and the Regional Blood Donation and Haemotherapy Centre participating as partners. In 2021, the Group employees also responded to the request to donate convalescent blood plasma, thus supporting the fight against COVID-19.

PSG aims to promote the fight for clean air and improve the quality of life for residents of Poland’s most air-polluted cities. In 2021, due to the state of pandemic emergency, five mobile air pollution measurement devices with external LED displays were donated during the second edition of the project (Janowiec Wielkopolski, Więcbork, Rypin, Grajewo and Siemiatycze). In total, since the start of the project, PSG donated 29 such devices. In 2021, no free spirometry tests were offered in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign will be continued depending on how the pandemic keeps developing in Poland.

Supporting culture

As the Patron of the Polish Television Theatre, PGNiG has pledged its commitment to originating and promoting events, projects and phenomena that represent high culture. PGNiG is the sole patron of the Television Theatre, Europe’s only project of this kind, the idea of which is to adapt theatre plays and performances for the TV screen. The initiative allows broader audiences to enjoy art and high culture without having to go to the theatre. Now that theater seats are limited for sanitary reasons, the television offers the public a unique chance to explore this kind of art.

In addition, PGNiG Termika sponsors the Polish Royal Opera, contributing to the cultivation and popularisation of the Polish music heritage by supporting the opera theatre.

Sports sponsorship

As a strategic sponsor, PGNiG has supported Polish handball since 2010. It sponsors senior, youth and junior national women’s and men’s teams, and is also a title sponsor of the PGNiG Superliga and the PGNiG Polish Cup. The Company also sponsors beach handball.

In addition, PGNiG Termika supports the Legia Warszawa football club as its official supplier of heat and is a general partner of the Polish Chess Association.

Support for science and education

In this area, PGNiG supports initiatives promoting exact sciences, increasing access to knowledge and encouraging its comprehension, such as open-air events or competitions.

PSG implemented the Virtual Gas Industry Museum (WMG) project. WMG is a platform promoting knowledge of the history of the gas industry, as well as its present and future. Its intended audiences include gas industry fans, teachers, pupils, and ultimately researchers and engineers. The website features exhibitions, biographies of gas industry people, as well as lesson scripts for teachers. The project has won numerous awards (including a distinction in the Polish Graphic Design Awards 2019 competition, held in June 2020).

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