Investments in 2021

Capital expenditure in the Exploration and Production segment in 2018–2021

PLNm 2021 r. 2020 r. 2019 r. 2018 r.
Exploration and Production, including: 2,108 2,557 2,506 2,232
Norway ** 1,227 1,572 114 1,149
Pakistan 64 75 136 94
Libya 4 4 4 9
* Including capitalised borrowing costs.
** Capital Expenditure on the acquisitions of INEOS E&P Norge AS at the level of PLN 1,309m as at December 31st, 2021 is not included.

Key projects and investments in Poland

In 2021, PGNiG’s capital expenditure in the Exploration and Production segment (in Poland) was approximately PLN 668m. The key exploration / appraisal / research projects in 2021 included:

  • drilling of the Rycerka Dolna 1 and Lisiniec 1 test wells;
  • drilling of the Miłosław 7H and Kulno 3 appraisal wells;
  • drilling of the Brońsko 31H and Brońsko 32 production wells;
  • drilling of the Chałupczyn 1 and Zabiała 2 exploration wells.

PGNiG’s capital expenditure on exploration activities in Poland was approximately PLN 351m. The key projects in 2021 included:

  • development of the following wells: Przemyśl 15, 287K, 289K, 290K, 291, 292, 316 and 318;
  • development of the Jastrzębiec 2, 3 wells;
  • development of the Wielgoszówka 1 well;
  • development of the Pruchnik 36, 37K well;
  • installation of a compressor unit at the Wola Różaniecka Gas Processing Facility – Tarnogród Gas Production Site;
  • installation of a compressor unit at the Łukowa Gas Processing Facility – Tarnogród Gas Production Site;
  • installation of compressor unit at the Dzików Gas Processing Facility – Lubaczów Gas Production Site;
  • development of the Wielichowo-8 well;
  • development of the Brońsko-30 well.

Key projects and investments abroad

PGNiG’s total expenditure on its upstream operations abroad was approximately PLN 68.7m, of which capital expenditure incurred in Pakistan in 2021 reached approximately PLN 64.4m and in the United Arab Emirates – PLN 4.3m.

2021 was a record year for PGNiG UN in terms of its capital expenditure, which was approximately NOK 5.56bn (ca. PLN 2.52bn). Net of acquisitions, capital expenditure in Norway was approximately NOK 2.84bn (PLN 1.29bn). In 2021, PGNiG UN took steps to significantly ramp up production and enhance its operating performance by investing in:

  • acquisition of INEOS E&P Norge AS;
  • completion of investment works and launch of production on the Duva, Ærfugl and Ærfugl Nord fields;
  • launch of investment works on the Tommeliten Alpha field and the third development phase on Ormen Lange;
  • preparation of development concepts for the King Lear, Alve Nord, Fogelberg, Cape Vulture and Shrek deposits;
  • further investment works on currently producing fields.

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