Exploration and Production

The segment is one of PGNiG’s four core business segments, accounting for the largest share of capital expenditure spent by the Company every year. PGNiG is Poland’s largest natural gas producer, representing over 90% of domestic natural gas production.

The key environmental and climate impact of the segment is attributable to its methane emissions, which, after carbon dioxide
emissions, are considered the second largest contributor to climate change. In line with the European Commission’s strategy to reduce methane emissions, PGNiG intends to implement a comprehensive process to reduce methane emissions from its gas
production operations.

The first step, as provided for in the EC’s strategy, will be to deploy an accurate measurement system for methane emissions.

As a next step, PGNiG plans to compare emissions from its process units and facilities against the average methane emissions in the oil and gas sector and emissions reported by companies with the lowest climate change and environmental impacts. The comparison will pave the way for the development of a reduction strategy for the coming years and selection of technologies that would help PGNiG to achieve its objectives. These efforts will first be implemented at PGNiG’s facilities in Norway, where it is assumed that the company will be able to benefit from partnerships with operators meeting the highest environmental standards and from the support offered by the Norwegian government. Once proven in Norway, the solutions will then be implemented in Poland and other parts of the world.

Other work planned in the segment includes projects to reduce CO₂ emissions, reduce diesel oil consumption in diesel engines using a fuel and gas mixture (CNG), and reduce electricity consumption and CO₂ emissions through adoption of solar PV installations (Exalo).

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