Health promotion programmes for employees

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PGNiG provides employees with a wide range of medical services co-financed by the employer. The employee pays only tax and social security costs. In addition, the Company provides, on favourable terms, medical plans for family members and a dental services package.

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The Company has also launched a medical platform through which employees can file declarations of enrolment and subscribe for individual services. In addition, a special infoline for employees with medical plans has been placed in service. Additional services include:

  • Free vaccination: once a year against flue, against tick-borne encephalitis, tetanus, A and B hepatitis (basic vaccination, excluding combination vaccines);
  • Medical examinations (including urgent tests ordered by a doctor); laboratory tests (based on medical referral), diagnostic examinations: electrocardiological, X-ray, mammography, computer tomography, MRI and other;
  • Eye tests, along with a refund of the cost of spectacles;
  • Outpatient and rehabilitation treatments;
  • PGNiG has established cooperation with Benefit Systems and MEDICOVERSPORT to purchase fitness membership cards for employees;
  • Psychological consultations – employees can call an anonymous phone number to arrange for free psychological consultations over the telephone. The service provides support to PGNiG employees in response to situations adversely impacting their mental well-being and performance in the workplace, as well as in view of the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of the other PGNIG Group companies also provide their employees with extensive medical plans and additional physical and mental health support, both as prevention and treatment.

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