Raw materials and consumables used

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Non-renewable resources are the main materials used in the production of electricity and heat at the PGNiG Group. Coal is used to produce electricity and heat mainly in the PGNiG TERMIKA Group’s CHP plants, while natural gas is used in the other companies for heating buildings, in heat and electricity production (including for electricity production in cogeneration and trigeneration), in industrial processes as a fuel for oil heaters in desulfurization and desalination processes, as a fuel for boilers, gas compression engines, gas turbines, and post-combustion of waste gases.

In 2021 PGNiGrecorded an increase in the volumes of gas used in heat and electricity generation, driven by a gradual shift from coal- to gas-fired units. The volume of gas burnt off in flare stacks depends on the number and duration of tests carried out on new exploration and production wells.

Consumption of raw materials and fuels at the PGNiG Group in 2020–2021

Total raw materials and consumables used 2021* 2020
[mcm] [million MG] [mcm] [million Mg]
natural gas 600.6 440.8
including PGNiG 248.5 301.8
hard coal 2.8 2.6
bibiomass 0.3 0.3
*The 2021 data provided by some of the PGNiG Group companies include partial forecasts which could not be fully verified as at the date of this Report.

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